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Vikaspedia building knowledge and careers

I am working with an NGO in Ahmednagar and also preparing for my MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) exams. I got to know about Vikaspedia Portal when I attended the Vikaspedia Workshop held at Ahmednagar. I frequently use internet to find answers to questions on different topics in Marathi as a preparation for my MPSC exams. That’s why I visited Vikaspedia Marathi Webportal and found important information e.g. health related information about different glands in our body. Article on ‘How to plan study and time for MPSC’ also proved to be very useful for me. Health, E-governance and Education – sections on the Vikaspedia Portal are particularly useful for me in my studies. I would request all Vikaspedia volunteers to upload as much information possible on the portal so that people like me can use the information for their use.

Thank you Vikaspedia!

Ms Meenakshi Adhav, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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